Monday, September 10, 2007

We May Be Down, But We're On The Up

With all the wonderful Charlton related Blogs out there, yes that would be Frankie, there was much inpiration for one more. Ok, I may not be a season ticket holder and may not even be able to watch that many matches on tele, but I've followed the Addicks from abroad for many years. I remember frantically clicking repost during the Wembley final while working in Mexico during the penalty shoot-out. Running through the University campus where I was working after the result came up shouting 'Super Clive.' Ok, all thought I'd lost it and it may not have been as exciting as being there, but you get the idea.

Much has been written about our relegation last year and not too dwell on it too much, but it seems to me that Curbs (yes he's a legend and single handedly made Charlton what they are) left us with a sack of shit for players, with a few exceptions. Saw that Rommedhal was rubbish for Denmark last night. Reminded me of how he would always get lost for us out there on the wings.

Luckily we got through the Monica and Les months and restored pride with Pardew coming in. I remember sitting in my office listening to our 4-0 drubbing of W. Ham with a big stupid grin on my face, also the misconceived notion of us avoiding the drop. That, of course didn't happen.

The team now look young, hungry, and finally playing with a passion and drive we haven't seen. Even from the cold reaches of Riga, the news has come that there is a new vitality in our midsts.

I'm finally looking forward to a season and I do agree with Frankie, it is in many ways better down in the fizzy pops.